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We'll start your portrait session with a consultation where you'll learn about the process, get an idea of the different portrait products you will have available to order and pricing.  All pricing information and questions you may have will be answered before you commit to a session.  Then we'll book your date on my calendar and start planning every aspect of your session.


Your session will be fun and relaxed.  I promise!  Don't worry if you don't know how to pose; I'll guide you through so that you look your best.  Once your session is over, I will carefully review, edit, and retouch the best images from your shoot to show to you.


A couple of weeks after your session we will meet up one more time for a Viewing & Ordering Appointment.  This is just what it sounds like, you will get to view and place your order for your portraits.  Making these decisions can be overwhelming, but don't worry because I will be there to help you every step of the way.



Amado offers both on-location and in-studio photography sessions in San Antonio for senior portraits, couples and engagement photos, family and child photography, beauty and glamour photos, personal and professional branding photos and headshots.  Click on your desired session type for more information.

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High School Seniors

Families, Couples, & Children

Beauty, Branding, & Headshots



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Product Details


Traditional Prints are sold individually and come ready to frame, mounted on styrene.

Gift Prints are 8x10 and smaller, are sold in sets, and are loose/unmounted.  These are ideal for giving as gifts to family and friends.


Canvas Gallery Wraps are ready to hang.  The image is printed directly on to the textured canvas and spray coated for protection.  The canvas is then mounted to a 1 1/2 inch stretcher frame.

Traditional Canvases come ready to frame.  Microscopic dots of ink are sprayed directly onto canvas yielding prints of stunning vibrancy and realism.  The canvas is then mounted to a 3/4 inch stretcher frame or masonite board, and sprayed for protection.


Albums are beautifully simple from start to finish.  They're a great way to get all your favorite images in one place.  Images are printed directly on to sturdy, layflat spreads and finished with a protective coating.  The one-piece wraparound cover is made of genuine Italian leather in a variety of colors.


Folio Boxes are the ideal presentation!  A handcrafted box paired with a selection of images; mounted on matboard or framed in an elegant mat.  You can choose from a variety of textile options in various colors.



Custom Frames complete your traditional prints or giclee canvas into the artwork that it is.  A framed print will be ready to hang in your home, and to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.




































We'll combine your vision for your portraits with my vision for a portrait session that captures your personality and style.  We'll have a good time doing it too!


You're hiring a professional photographer for a reason.  I've been creating portraits professionally for 10+ years.  I've spent countless hours studying the technical side of photography (camera settings, exposure triangle, etc.) as well as continuous education to learn how to use and incorporate off-camera flash/artificial light into portraits.

Professional Equipment

Let me be the first to say that having the best equipment available does not immediately translate to great images; it's more about the photographer than the equipment.  That being said- you can cut a tree down with a hand saw, but a chain saw makes the job a lot easier!  I use professional equipment (camera, lenses, and computer software) in order to produce clear, sharp, and vibrant images.

Luxury Photo Products

I 100% believe that printed portraits on display in your home have an impact on your family's daily life.  Studies have shown that children who grow up with family portraits in their home have a greater sense of belonging and self-esteem.  What better way to show your child "This is how much I love you" than a gorgeous portrait of them hanging proudly on the wall in your home?  Your child will see that portrait everyday, and it doesn't matter how old they are- it will have the same affect; "My family loves me so much that there's a picture of me on the wall for everyone to see."  I've partnered with some of the best print houses in the world to bring my clients quality portraits that will last a lifetime and more.  I don't settle for "good enough", and neither should you.

Transparent Pricing

If you're anything like me you hate it when you're about to buy something and when all is said and done and you're ready to swipe your credit card you see all these fees and extra charges (aside from sales tax) that you weren't aware of or expecting- it's irritating.  I try to keep my pricing simple and without complicated packages.  My clients receive exactly what they want.  You'll see all product pricing before committing to a session.  The typical investment that you'll see listed is reflective of real past client orders.

Limited Number of Sessions & Flexibility

I commit to a limited number of sessions per month.  So low that you can count them on one hand.  I do this so that I can maintain a personal level of service to my clients and flexibility in my scheduling that can be hard to find nowadays with photographers.  You're not just another session in line in a backlog of sessions to be edited.


The term "professional photographer" has been watered down in recent years because it seems like anyone with a camera is calling themselves a professional photographer nowadays.  Let me show you how I'm different and how I've served my clients over the years to create portraits for them that they will pass down to their future generations.



"Absolutely loved our photos! Amado was very professional and made the entire session awesome and memorable!!! Will definitely use him again in the future!!!" -Jessica P.