San Antonio Photography Sessions Frequently Asked Questions


"What's the difference between a Portrait Session and a Legacy Portrait Session?"

It really boils down to the style and approach to the session.  A regular portrait session is a lot more casual.  Outfits are usually more comfortable and the overall feel of the final photos is more relaxed and balanced.  Theses are usually done outdoors on location in San Antonio or the surrounding area.

Legacy portrait sessions work well for more traditional photography and are usually done in studio, but can be done outdoors.  They feature more dramatic lighting usually in a Rembrandt style that produces a very painterly and timeless portrait.  These sessions also require much more extensive retouching and styling.

"Do you photograph newborns?"

No I don't.  I'm not trained, nor am I set up, to safely photograph your newborn baby.

"Are there any permit fees to do my photo shoot at the San Antonio missions?"

Yes there are.  There are permit fees that are required to be paid at numerous locations throughout San Antonio and the surrounding area.  You can see a list of some popular locations and their permit fees HERE.

"When should I schedule my senior pictures?"

Ideally your senior pictures should be taken either the spring/summer before your senior year, or the the fall/winter of your senior year.  You definitely don't want to wait to until a month or two before graduation.  You've got a lot going on then as it is; trust me, you want these done and ready before then.

"Are senior pictures really a big deal?"

Yes they are!  There are few times we get professionally photographed in our lifetime; as newborns, when we get married, when we have a family, and when we graduate from high school.  Graduating high school is big first step towards being an adult and it's one of the those milestones that only happens once in a lifetime.


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