Frequently Asked Questions

5 year old girl wearing a rose gold dress with her hands in her lap.

1.  What are "Legacy Portraits"?

A legacy portrait is a one that is created and produced to be timeless and to last at least 100 years.  These portraits will outlive us and will be passed down to your children...and your children's children.  They are you family's legacy.

2.  Where are you located?

I'm on the Far West Side of San Antonio, Texas.

3.  How much are your sessions?

Portrait sessions start at $200.  Portrait artwork starts at $320, and portrait collections start at $900.

4.  Do you do Newborn Sessions?

I do not photograph newborns.  I'm not set up, nor do I have the proper training to do newborn sessions.  If you'd like to know what to look for in a professional newborn photographer, to make sure your precious baby is in safe hands during their session please reach out to me for information.

5.  How do I get more information?

Start by scheduling a 15-20 minute Discovery Call by clicking here.  During that call we'll discuss your vision for your session and how you'd like to display your portraits.  We'll also discuss basic pricing.  We'll then schedule your session over the phone and collect your session fee at that time.

6.  Where do your sessions take place?

This all depends on what you tell me during your Discovery Call.  We can create your portraits at your home or another outdoor location that is special to you.  All painterly style portraits (like the one shown on this page) are done in-studio only.

Still have more questions?  Contact me and ask!

Call or text: (210) 570-4555     Email: [email protected]

You can also fill out this form.